Luxury Coach Tours for Small to Medium Groups

Coach tours have remained a popular and economical way of organising tourist and corporate trips. Such tours give the travellers a chance to sightsee in luxury and spend time with friends, family or business colleagues.

Instead of concerning themselves with transport or logistics coach travellers can enjoy scenic views and enjoy top-level travel at affordable prices.

Coach drivers are professionals who have undergone extensive training not only in driving but in first aid and hospitality.

Coach tour services are:

  • Convenient
  • Child Friendly
  • Informative
  • Able to handle all situations

Many coach tours are world class travel service providers with top-of-the-range vehicles and facilities.

Coach tours are ideal for:

  • Tourist Tours
  • Organised Corporate Tours for employees and guests
  • School Excursions
  • Sporting Events

Coach tours can last anywhere from a single to several days; with extended tours including appropriate accommodation and meals as part of the package.

Being custom built for comfortable travel coaches accommodate luggage and handheld baggage with ease. Seats are as comfortable as home furnishings; more so when one remembers air-conditioning and reading lights. Carry on personal belongs are only an arm?셲 reach away, and on board rest rooms do away with the most inconvenient of vacation problems experienced by those travelling in individual cars.

Coach tours benefit from the all-inclusive price system. There are no hidden costs, there is luxury all the way prearranged by the professionals who have run the service successfully for years and know the best places to see. And everybody avoids the stress of finding and moving between accommodation and restaurants, finding individual parking and securing booking and admission fees.

Those concerned with the environment will appreciate the fact that coaches result in less than one fifth of the pollution of aircraft, and use considerable less fuel than the equivalent number of people transported by car.

Coaches allow people to see sights close up and at first hand. They allow groups to travel at the best pace, and stop when the situation is worth spending time on. Aircraft might be faster in terms of travel time, but the time spent at or going to the airport dramatically undermines this; and there is only ever one end destination. Coaches allow a person to board in 15 minutes, and experience everything on the journey to its fullest. Seeing the sights means taking a coach.

Wheelchair and other special needs can be accommodated; please advise us in advance.

If you have any questions regarding to our coach services, for private functions or business purposes, please contact us on 0425 389 098.