1. All fares are the minimum price for one-way travel only and are inclusive of GST. The toll charges are not included. If customer like to take toll roads, need notice in advance and there are extra toll charges.

2. All fares may be subject to change without notice. Every trip is available when the fare is agreed between our manager and customers.

3. All cancellations must be made at least 2 days prior to your pickup date.
No Refund within 24 hours of pickup time or arrival time.
50% of Refund between 48 hours and 24hours.
The reservation fee (10% of total price) is not refundable at all time. ($30 under total price $299)

4. Good Morning Airport Shuttle accepts no liability or responsibility for delayed or cancelled flights and delays due to traffic and traffic accidents. If for any reason we fail to pick up our passengers at the scheduled date and/or time, we shall not be held responsible for the payment of airfares, accommodation, taxi fares, train fares or bus fares or any other related expenses.

5. All bookings through Internet and phone DO NOT mean that your booking is confirmed. After we check our schedule, we shall provide you with a return email or phone call to confirm you of the availability and pick-up time(s), airport meeting points, contact phone number and total cost. The actual pick-up time(s) can be varied according to the booking circumstances.

6. Due to the time difference of each passenger’s arrival through the gates, a waiting time may occur at the airport.

7. Good Morning Airport Shuttle can refuse to accept any luggage that is generally not suitable to be loaded in the vehicle. Additional charges may apply for excess and/or oversized luggage.

8. Passengers are responsible for their own belongings and we do not accept any liability for any damages to luggage. If we find anything left behind at vehicle, by our regulation, we may keep it for 3 months before we dispose of it and we will dispose of any food items immediately.