Advantages of Charter Bus Travel

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  • The charter bus goes where you want it to go. How many connections between different types of transport do you avoid? How much time waiting do you avoid?
  • How much cheaper a charter bus is over trains, plans and automobiles, and the cost is spread over several people.
  • Charter buses use less fuel than a group of cars.
  • Charter buses are flexible. You can plan things in advance without having to worry about public transport schedules. You can deviate from your schedule as long as you have accommodation for the night.
  • Keeping several cars together in a group is difficult and wastes time. The organization on a bus is much simpler; especially as you just have to do a head count to keep things in order, which is easy if people are sitting on a bus.
  • Charter buses are comfortable, and can include a restroom.
  • Charter buses are quite good if you plan to accumulate luggage (souvenirs). Much better than carrying on public transport or walking.
  • No worries about parking fees or multiple parking places.
  • The whole social aspect of travelling in a group. Solidarity, relaxation.
  • The coach driver knows a few good places to eat, and a few worthwhile attractions that most people miss.
  • It is relatively easy to deal with seniors and the handicapped.
  • No concerns about intoxication; especially valid if you are doing a winery tour.
  • The charter bus is at least as safe as anything else on the road.
  • You can enjoy the scenery and forget about organization and other concerns. You can sleep on the way home.

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