Travel Humour

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  • A photon was asked why he had no luggage at the airport. ?쏰f course??he replied, ?쏧’m travelling light!??/li>
  • Conventional travel has become more popular now that people realize there is no future in time travel.
  • If you envy those in first class on a flight just remember, no class divisions would be one step closer to communism.
  • I once broke a bone in two places. Of course, I’m never going back to those places again!
  • The popularity of a destination is a good indication of its worth; the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason.
  • A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it. – John Steinbeck.
  • When travelling, if you come to a fork in the road, always take it.
  • Foreign travel is less popular than domestic because domestic destinations are more conveniently located.
  • One needs to have a good reason for travelling; otherwise you?셱e just being taken for a ride.
  • If at first you don?셳 succeed, never go skydiving again!
  • Jet lag takes some getting used to. Travel to a foreign city it?셲 still 6pm the previous day; travel to an outback town and it?셲 still the late 1980?셲.
  • I feel safer in older aircraft. How do you think they got to be that old!
  • Up till now my Hotel Room service solved every problem, if only they could send up a bigger room.
  • In the 19th century travel was very slow and everybody was pessimistic, but since the invention of the airplane we’ve all been looking up.
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